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Trip idea in Benin

Magical Benin Group Tour


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6 days

Benin is a country where West African traditional culture is still truly alive. A majority of the Beninese wear their colourful local wax printed designs with flair, and a general sense of cultural pride is visible in the streets, the many traditional religious celebrations and communal ceremonies. Despite the influences of Christianity and Islam, many people in Benin follow native animistic practices and beliefs. On this group tour, be introduced to the world of traditional healers, fetish priests and diviners to gain a better understanding of local religion, which is a true way of life to the Beninese. Voodoo was officially declared a religion in Benin in 1996 and the festival attracts thousands of devotees and tourists to the festivities ever since. January is the time that Voodoo in Benin is celebrated with festivals along the coast, including the climax of the magical “Fête de Vodoun” in Ouidah. Join us on this fantastic Voodoo Festival Trail 2022 from Accra. ➣ Experience the southern highlights of Benin in a nutshell. ➣ Explore the magic of Benin and its rich voodoo culture. ➣ Attend the Fête de Vodoun in Allada and Ouidah. Small group size of 2-8 people. Itinerary dates: 8 - 13 January 2022.

This is a group tour, with a fixed itinerary and scheduled start dates. Enquire now to find out more.

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Accra, Lake Aheme

Day 1 - Accra, Lake Aheme

  • Meet the group in Accra and travel to Benin
  • Group transfer from Accra to Possotomé at Lake Ahémè
  • Guided walk along the lakeshore from Possotomé
  • Zangbeto, the voodoo guardians of the night

Day 2 - Ouidah

  • Group transfer from Possotomé to Ouidah via Allada
  • Experience the Voodoo Festival in Allada
  • Witness festivities in Ouidah prior to main festival

Day 3 - Ouidah

  • Experience Ouidah's bustling voodoo festival celebrated today!
  • Explore the slave route and the point of no return memorial in Ouidah
Ouidah, Porto-Novo, Ganvié

Day 4 - Ouidah, Porto-Novo, Ganvié

  • Visit the Python temple and sacred forest of Kpassé
  • Group transfer from Ouidah to Porto-Novo
  • Witness the upcoming Voodoo Festival in Porto Novo
  • Group transfer from Porto-Novo to Ganvie
  • Experience Ganvie, a town built on stilts
Ganvié, Lome

Day 5 - Ganvié, Lome

  • A morning on the waterways of Ganvie
  • Group transfer from Ganvie to Lomé
  • Relax on the beaches of Lomé
Davedi, Accra

Day 6 - Davedi, Accra

  • Group transfer from Lomé to Davedi
  • A final daily life voodoo experience in Davedi
  • Group transfer from Davedi to Accra
  • Say Goodbye in Accra