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Ultimate Ghana, Togo and Benin


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22 days

This comprehensive 21-day trip takes in three of West Africa's cultural gems - Ghana, Togo and Benin. Starting from the Ghanaian capital Accra you will head east to the riverside village of Atsiekope - the site of a community tourism project. After crossing the border into Togo you stop at the authentic Ewe village of Davedi, before exploring the Togolese capital Lomé, home to a famous voodoo fetish market. The latter part of the itinerary is based in Benin, the true home of Voodoo and one of the most interesting historical destinations in the region. A tour of Ouidah - one of the most important slave trading ports in Africa, is a sobering experience. You will enjoy a few days exploring the wildlife and landscapes of the north of Benin before looping back to northern Ghana.

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Day 1 - Amrahia

  • Transfer from Kotoka International Airport to your hotel in the outskirts of Accra
Atsiekpoe, Lome

Day 2 - Atsiekpoe, Lome

  • Transfer from Accra to Atsiekpoe
  • Visit Atsiekpoe, an authentic village in the Volta region
  • Transfer from Atsiekope to Lomé in Togo
  • Explore Lomé

Day 3 - Davedi

  • Group transfer from Lomé to Davedi
  • Experience the village of Davedi
  • Tour the pottery village of Bolu
Vogan, Lake Aheme

Day 4 - Vogan, Lake Aheme

  • Transfer from Davedi to Lomé
  • Marché des Féticheurs
  • Visit the weekly market in Vogan
  • Visit Possotomé on the shore of Lake Ahémè
Lake Aheme, Ouidah

Day 5 - Lake Aheme, Ouidah

  • Transfer from Possotomé to Ouidah
  • Stop at the pottery village of Se

Day 6 - Ouidah

  • Visit Ouidah

Day 7 - Ganvié

  • Transfer from Ouidah to Ganvié by motorised canoe
  • Guided boat tour of Ganvié

Day 8 - Abomey

  • Transfer from Ganvié to Abomey
  • Visit the royal palaces of Abomey
Abomey, Dassa-Zoumé

Day 9 - Abomey, Dassa-Zoumé

  • Explore Abomey
  • Transfer from Abomey to Dassa-Zoumé

Day 10 - Natitingou

  • Transfer from Dassa-Zoumé to Natitingou, making stops along the way
  • Explore Natitingou
Pendjari National Park

Day 11 - Pendjari National Park

  • Transfer from Natitingou to Pendjari National Park
  • Optional walk to the Tanougou Falls
  • Tour Pendjari National Park
Pendjari National Park

Day 12 - Pendjari National Park

  • Full day in Penjari
Natitingou, Boukoumbé

Day 13 - Natitingou, Boukoumbé

  • Transfer from Penjari to Boukoumbé via the Atakora Mountains
  • Explore the Atakora Mountains
Boukoumbé, Kara

Day 14 - Boukoumbé, Kara

  • Transfer from Boukoumbé to Kara
  • Optional stop-off at Sarakawa National Park

Day 15 - Sokodé

  • Transfer from Kara to Sokodé via local villages
  • Attend the fire dance at night

Day 16 - Kpalimé

  • Transfer from Sokodé to Kpalimé via Atakpame
  • At leisure at Kpalimé
Kpalimé, Liate Wote

Day 17 - Kpalimé, Liate Wote

  • Hiking trails to Mount Agou
  • Transfer from Kpalimé to Liate Wote in Ghana
Liate Wote, Wli

Day 18 - Liate Wote, Wli

  • Spend the day in Liate Wote
  • Hike to the Agumatsa Falls
Mona monkey at Boabeng Fiema monkey sanctuary
In the village of Boabeng in central Ghana, monkeys are part of the community. They are everywhere, jumping, climbing and foraging for food. The local villagers believe that the monkeys are sacred, not to be harmed  and should be respected. In fact plenty of food is made available for the monkeys on a daily basis. This stems from the traditionally held belief that the Mona monkeys and Colobus monkeys that populate the area are actually the offspring of the fetish Daworo. When the fetish Daworo visited Boabeng he was constantly surrounded by monkeys who followed him wherever he went. An oracle was consulted and stated that the monkeys of Boabeng are the children of the fetish. As time moves on, it occurred to some of the citizens of Boabeng that as the monkeys enjoyed protection, the sanctuary should be formalised. So the monkey sanctuary came about. To this day, should a monkey die it is given a sincere burial in the monkey graveyard.

Day 19 - Tafi Atome, Atimpoku, Akosombo

  • Transfer from Liate Wote to Atimpoku
  • Visit the Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary
  • Leisure time at the Volta riverbank
  • Visit Akosombo Dam
Cape Coast, Elmina

Day 20 - Cape Coast, Elmina

  • Transfer from Atimpoku to Cape Coast and Elmina
  • A guided tour of Cape Coast Castle and Museum
  • Leisure time in Elmina
Elmina, Biriwa

Day 21 - Elmina, Biriwa

  • Visit Elmina town (optional)
  • Transfer from Cape Coast and Elmina to Biriwa
Biriwa, Accra

Day 22 - Biriwa, Accra

  • Leisure time in Biriwa at your hotel near the beach
  • Transfer from Biriwa to Accra
  • Enjoy the highlights of Accra
  • Souvenir shopping around Accra
  • Transfer from Accra to Kotoka International Airport