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Trip idea in Ghana

All around Volta Lake


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17 days

This tour takes you all around Volta Lake and introduces you to the most interesting natural and cultural highlights in the country. Days are filled with a wide variety of activities but offer enough leisure time to take stock of all these impressions.

We will tailor this trip to you. Change anything - from excursions to accommodation to places visited.

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Day 1 - Accra

  • Transfer from Kotoka International Airport to your hotel in the outskirts of Accra
  • At leisure in your hotel in Accra
Amrahia, Atsiekpoe

Day 2 - Amrahia, Atsiekpoe

  • Transfer from Accra to Atsiekpoe
  • Visit a traditional glass beads workshop
  • Visit Atsiekpoe, an authentic village in the Volta region
Atsiekpoe, Sogakope, Keta

Day 3 - Atsiekpoe, Sogakope, Keta

  • The Atsiekpoe overnight experience, early morning village walk or fishing
  • Transfer from Atsiekpoe to Dzita
  • Explore the Avu Lagoon, home of the Sitatunga
  • Leisure time at Meet Me There

Day 4 - Keta

  • Leisure time at Meet Me There
  • Visit Fort Prinzenstein and Keta township
Amedzofe, Liate Wote

Day 5 - Amedzofe, Liate Wote

  • Transfer from Dzita to Liati Wote
  • Visit Amedzofe, the highest hilltop settlement
  • Leisure time at Liate Wote
Liate Wote

Day 6 - Liate Wote

  • Spend the day in Liate Wote
Wli, Nkwanta

Day 7 - Wli, Nkwanta

  • Transfer from Liati Wote to Nwanta via Wli
  • Hike to the Agumatsa Falls
  • At leisure in Nkwanta

Day 8 - Tamale

  • Transfer from Nkwanta to Tamale
  • Visit Tamale Township
  • Leisure time at your hotel in Tamale
Tamale, Mole

Day 9 - Tamale, Mole

  • Visit a traditional Dagomba Village
  • Transfer from Tamale to Mole National Park
  • Afternoon safari at Mole National Park

Day 10 - Mole

  • Morning safari at Mole National Park
  • Visit the Gonja Village Magnoori
  • Leisure time at Mole National Park
Wli Waterfalls
Cool and breezy relief from the constant heat of Ghana comes in the form of a an impressive waterfall deep in the woods near Hohoe in the Volta region, near the border with Togo.To reach the waterfalls, take the path that begins at the Visitor Centre which leads through shady woodland, crossing the course of the river Agumatsa several times with small wooden bridges. Look out for the richly diverse insect population as you wander through the woodlands. There are a number of species of attractive butterflies often seen among the vegetation or near the riverbanks. You will likely hear the falls before you see them, and as you approach the base of the falls you might begin to detect the cooling mist which is often blowing about on the breeze. The section of the fall you can see is very impressive, with a drop of around sixty metres down a rocky cliff, but in fact there is another fall further up which brings the total height of the falls to 143 metres. Once you reach the pool at the foot of the waterfall, cool off with a refreshing swim.

Day 11 - Nkoranza

  • Transfer from Mole to Nkoranza
  • Refresh at the Kintampo Falls
  • Vist the Baobeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary
  • At leisure in Hand in Hand Operations

Day 12 - Kumasi

  • Transfer from Nkoranza to Kumasi
  • Visit the craft villages around Kumasi
  • Visit the Kejetia Market and the Cultural Centre in Kumasi
  • Leisure time at TUMI
Kumasi, Lake Bosumtwi

Day 13 - Kumasi, Lake Bosumtwi

  • Visit Menhya Palace Museum in Kumasi
  • Transfer from Kumasi to Lake Bosomtwi
Lake Bosumtwi

Day 14 - Lake Bosumtwi

  • Full day at Lake Bosomtwe

Day 15 - Elmina

  • Transfer from Lake Bosomtwe to Cape Coast and Elmina (with stops en route)
  • Visit Elmina town (optional)
Cape Coast, Elmina

Day 16 - Cape Coast, Elmina

  • A guided tour of Cape Coast Castle and Museum
  • Join Global Mama’s in a hands-on batiking or cooking workshop
  • Leisure time at the beach

Day 17

  • Transfer from Cape Coast and Elmina to Kotoka International Airport