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Trip idea in Greece

Active Adventure Mainland Greece


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11 days

You might believe that Greece has only islands as most trips emphasize on island hopping but you will be surprised to know that Greece is actually a mountainous country with rugged landscapes, forests, lakes, and the longest coastline in Europe! Experience this ultimate 10-day active trip to the majestic Mainland Greece and make your life the best adventure! Feel the action and fun while you explore breathtaking nature, marvelous towns, not-to-miss archeological sites, and centuries-old culture. Highlights of this tour include: ➣ Explore the mighty Acropolis on a private sunset tour and stroll around the picture-pretty neighbourhood of Plaka, Monastiraki square and other Athenian spots ➣ Hike to the important sites of classical, Roman and modern Athens while using pedestrian and walking paths ➣ Seek the oracle at Delphi as ancient Greeks did in the past ➣ Follow old paths used by monks that connect the suspended monasteries of Meteora, the astonishing ‘out-of-earth’ rock formations ➣ Hop on an e-bike and explore Thessaloniki’s cultural big-hitters off your to-do list while experiencing the city’s ‘halara’ (cool) vibes ➣ Hike through outstanding Vikos Gorge, the world's ‘deepest relative to its width’ gorge ➣ Enjoy a fun rafting trip on the crystal-clear waters of Voidomatis River ➣ Explore the dramatic mountainous terrain of Zagorohoria and its stone-made traditional villages with the off-the-beaten-path culture ➣ Ride a horse through the waters of the stunning Acherontas river, the gate to the underworld according to ancient Greek Mythology ➣ Climb up the 999 steps to Palamidi, the highest of Nafplio’s medieval fortresses and admire panoramic views over the town and the Argolic gulf

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Day 1 - Athens

  • Transfer from Athens International Airport to your city hotel
  • Twilight Athens Tour

Day 2 - Athens

  • Markets, Ruins & Ancient Athens
  • Acropolis & Plaka neighbourhood Sunset Private Tour
Delphi, Kalambaka

Day 3 - Delphi, Kalambaka

  • Transfer from Athens to Arachova (Delphi)
  • Delphi Archeological site & Arachova Exploration
  • Transfer from Delphi and Arachova to Kalambaka (Meteora)
Kalambaka, Thessaloniki

Day 4 - Kalambaka, Thessaloniki

  • Hiking at Meteora: the ancient hermit's path
  • Transfer from Kalambaka (Meteora) to Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki, Papigo

Day 5 - Thessaloniki, Papigo

  • Thessaloniki Bike Tour (morning version)
  • Transfer from Thessaloniki to Zagorohoria Region
Zagori, Papigo

Day 6 - Zagori, Papigo

  • Rafting in Voidomatis river (Zagoria Region)
  • Zagori cooking class
Zagori, Papigo

Day 7 - Zagori, Papigo

  • Vikos Gorge Full-Day Guided Hike
Acheron Springs, Nafpaktos

Day 8 - Acheron Springs, Nafpaktos

  • Transfer from Zagorohoria Region to Acherontas river
  • Horse Riding in Acherontas River
  • Transfer from Acherontas river to Nafpaktos

Day 9 - Nafpaktos

  • At leisure in Nafpaktos

Day 10 - Nafplio

  • Transfer from Nafpaktos to Nafplio through the Rio-Antirio suspended bridge
  • Highlights of Nafplio tour with a climb on Palamidi Fortress

Day 11

  • Transfer from Nafplio to Athens through the Corinth Canal
  • Departure transfer from your hotel to Athens International Airport