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Spitsbergen Arctic Darkness


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4 days

This short tour is designed to make it easy to discover the unique winter atmosphere of Svalbard, one of the planet’s last great frontiers. Spend your days thrill seeking in and around Longyearbyen, one of the world’s northernmost settlements, and enjoy Svalbard’s mystic and magic during the polar nights! Spitsbergen offers Arctic experiences on the edge of the inhabitable world, but it’s not as inaccessible as people might think. However, there are no roads beyond Longyearbyen. Here, you really are on the border of civilization. Outside the city, the vast wilderness is waiting for you. Despite its history of coal mining and trapping, Spitsbergen is still mainly pristine wilderness - one of the most fragile ecosystems anywhere on Earth. Between October and April, the conditions vary drastically weather and daylight wise, from total darkness to wonderful spring sunlight. This itinerary will easily be altered according to the time of year you visit.

We will tailor this trip to you. Change anything - from excursions to accommodation to places visited.

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Day 1 - Longyearbyen

  • Arrive at Longyearbyen and explore this remote town

Day 2 - Longyearbyen

  • The thrill of Dogsledding

Day 3 - Longyearbyen

  • Experience the darkness of the Polar night on a Snowmobile Safari

Day 4 - Longyearbyen

  • Transfer to Longyearbyen airport