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Walking the Way of Saint Benedict


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12 days

The Way of Saint Benedict is one of the greatest hikes in Italy, and there definitely is a certain magic that connects people to the places along this route. You don't have to be religious to appreciate the spirituality, culture and beauty of the hike. You will travel through small villages, enjoying the stunning scenery and enchanting hospitality of the locals all the way. The original route is 300 km from Umbria to Lazio and takes about 16 days, however the beauty of tailor-made travel is that you can walk for as little or as much as you like. Here, we are proposing a 12 day journey from Rieti to Montecassino in Lazio region, but we can plan any section that you like the look of so simply let us know when you enquire. This tour is self-guided. We provide you with a written guide to St Benedict's way which includes maps and all the useful info, and we also provide details of 'amici del cammino' - locals along the way who help travellers. You also don't need to worry about your packing skills... We include a baggage transfer service so that you only need to carry a day pack whilst hiking. Buon viaggio!

We will tailor this trip to you. Change anything - from excursions to accommodation to places visited.

Create your trip

Day 1 - Rieti

  • Train from Rome airport to Rieti
  • Welcome to Rieti
  • Tour of Rieti underground
Rocca Sinibalda, Castel di Tora, Colle di tora

Day 2 - Rocca Sinibalda, Castel di Tora, Colle di tora

  • Transfer from Rieti to Rocca Sinibalda
  • Visit Rocca Sinibalda
  • Walk from Rocca Sinibalda to Castel di Tora - 12km
  • Walk from Castel di Tora to Colle di Tora

Day 3 - Orvinio

  • Walk from Colle di Tora to Orvinio - 13.5km

Day 4 - Orvinio

  • Tour of "Le Pratarelle"
  • Visit an organic farm
  • Herbal workshop
  • Typical dance
Mandela, Subiaco

Day 5 - Mandela, Subiaco

  • Walk from Orvinio to Mandela - 20Km
  • Tour the caves of Vicovaro
  • Transfer from Mandela to Subiaco

Day 6 - Subiaco

  • Visit Subiaco
  • Visit of Benedectine Monasteries
Trevi nel Lazio

Day 7 - Trevi nel Lazio

  • Walk from Subiaco to Trevi nel Lazio - 19.7Km
  • Visit to Trevi nel Lazio
Guarcino, Collepardo

Day 8 - Guarcino, Collepardo

  • Walk from Trevi nel Lazio to Guarcino
  • Transfer from Guarcino to Collepardo
Collepardo, Arpino

Day 9 - Collepardo, Arpino

  • Walk from Collepardo to Certosa di Trisulti
  • Transfer from Certosa di Trisulti to Arpino
  • Visit Isola del Liri
  • Visit San Domenica Abbey
  • Visit Arpino

Day 10 - Roccasecca

  • Walk from Arpino to Roccasecca - 18Km
Montecassino, Roccasecca

Day 11 - Montecassino, Roccasecca

  • Walk from Roccasecca to Montecassino - 19Km medium
  • Visit Monte Cassino Abbey
  • Transfer from Montecassino to Roccasecca with Tommaso

Day 12 - Roccasecca

  • Transfer from Roccasecca to the train station
  • Arrivederci Italia!