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Every day in Uzbekistan was different - it was very varied.

The only contact we had with our local travel company was via the emails before we left UK - no complaints there, and then via the guide in country. However, we suspect that it was due to the intervention of the local travel company that the luggage that had gone astray at Istanbul airport managed to follow us to Nukus so quickly. Had someone from the office in Tashkent not gone to the airport to make sure that the bag got the afternoon flight to Nukus, would it have arrived? Who knows! The one other point that would have been helpful would have been more guidance on procedures when leaving Uzbekistan. We have travelled in the USSR and speak Russian, so the form-filling and various queues did not phase us. We did see other tourists queuing only to be turned back because they had not filled in the correct form, and generally finding the whole process very stressful. A note indicating the procedure would be useful: that you fill in 2 forms on entry to Uzbekistan, hand one in and keep one. Then on the way out you fill in the same form a third time, an 'exit' version - basically indicating how much currency you have spent in country, and you hand in your saved 'entry' form and your 'exit' form together. There were no forms in English as we left, but we still had our entry forms ( in English) so just had to copy what we had written before.

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Impossible to say - every day was different - it was very varied.

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