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Activities we booked were first class !

both TL and their partner in Indonesia were very supportive throughout, jacqueline and evy were great. some of the locations we chose were not great, particularly in ubud. i am not blaming the local company, it could be that it was because i was suggesting a villa... but the place we ended up in (greenfield hotel) was great, and walking distance from everything - whereas the initial villa was way too far from anything and had ants aplenty. The team in Indonesia were helpful when it came to resolving the situation. trips were great, particularly the volcano trip. to be fair, i didn't actually realise we WEREN'T climbing the volcano itself, but instead an adjacent hill. views were same and only 7 guests at summit (ie not crowded at all) which turned out great. unfortunately no dolphins when we went on that trip, not sure how common that is. the day with little wayan in ubud was very good, not sure if it really should be labelled cooking day, but again, in the end, actually this was far better than a cooking course, meeting and spending time with a local family was insightful for all of us. the rafting was great too (albeit the guide a little too pushy for tips) and the travelling between locations worked well (only thing i'd comment on there was the place we stopped on the way from sanur to pemuteran where to be fair there was an amazing view was overpriced and had lousy food). sumberkima hill was a great setup, house and locale both great, minor point but the plants are overgrown completely by the pool which means there was no view - ie very different from the pics ! highlight for me was clove tree hill... i think there's so much potential there, the place is great and dian has a bright future - do send her our best. not sure exactly how detail you want the feedback, these comments should be taken in the context of this was a really really great family holiday, but sending you the above points as i know you're all remote, so hopefully this feedback helps. any further questions give me a call.

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What was good about our local partner based in Indonesia?

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What could our local partner based in Indonesia improve on?

see above for general comments. i do have one question please... in jimberan we did a wash which wayan helped organise for us, all good. however, we ended up leaving some of the clothes in the villa - yes we should have done a full check, but turns out the clothes were in the upstairs wardrobe - staff say they didn't put them there, but vikki and i were downstairs, we certainly didn't put any clothes in the upstairs wardrobes (kids were there but taking clothes out of suitcases, not using wardrobes). anyway, long story short we're down 3-4-5 shirts, a scarf and 5 pairs of underwear i think. then wayan told us he was leaving the villa the next day and his replacement would help, but we never heard from them, so it's a little annoying. i don't know what the cost is to send, vs value to replace, which would be the first question, can someone help with that please - understand it may not be economic but as i said, annoying.

What did you think about the guides or drivers on your trip?

mostly good. not crazy about the suzukis, i think if you had one nice car rather than 2x cars to move around (one for luggage one for people) we would have been more comfortable, particularly on some of the longer journeys. probably once this message had been passed on once the first people saw the luggage this would save you money too ? i tried to recommend a driver (who we did use, where everything did fit into his car) but not taken up.

What advice would you give to other travellers planning a trip to Indonesia?

some places, particularly ubud, we felt that you need to be within walking distance of shops / restaurants where you stay. we'd never been before, so "don't stay in the centre" was a little hard to interpret from london. also jimberan villa was not anywhere near anything, we didn't realise that if we picked a place where you needed a shuttle that we'd have to pay for it...

What was the most memorable part of your trip?

the trips were great. clove tree hill and sumberkima hill were awesome.

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