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This is a region that thoroughly deserves the superlatives. Home to the earth’s largest rainforest, highest waterfall and longest mountain range, the scale of the place is hard to get to grips with.

South AmericaThere is certainly something in Latin America for everyone, from beach bum to botanist and everything in between. Whether you choose to explore one country in depth or hop between the continent’s highlights, you can expect to be wowed at every turn with its cultural and historical gems. There are places to visit in South America that are famously and justly popular, yet there are also areas untouched by modern man. The essence of South America is hard to pin down, where will you find it? Perhaps it will be at a chaotic market or in the hypnotic beat and colour of the Carnaval; at the end of another incredible meal or in the depths of the steamy rainforest; maybe in the relics of an ancient civilisation or the faded elegance of a colonial street; could it be the awesome sight of the blue Patagonian ice or the dazzling white of the Bolivian salt plain? The only way to find out is to go and see for yourself. Below, you'll see a selection of some of the many highlights of things to do in South America.


Zona Cafetera (Colombia)

Coffee harvesting in Salento, ColombiaSpend a few days based on a coffee plantation in the hills of the Tierra Paisa learning about coffee production and soaking up the verdant views. Great hiking routes weave in and around this coffee region in Colombia, taking in scenic highlights such as Salento and the Valle de Cócora. You will leave with a greater appreciation for your morning brew than every before.

The Amazon Jungle (Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia)

Amazon rainforestFrom monkeys to macaws and crocodiles to clown frogs, the Amazon rainforest is brimming with wildlife. Start your Amazonian adventure in Manaus and explore the incongruous opera house before you take a boat trip through the most biodiverse region on the planet, marvelling at creatures weird and wonderful as you go.

Machu Picchu (Peru)

Machu Picchu, PeruThe incredible Inca ruins, situated at high altitude, are perched among pinnacles of rock in the middle of nowhere, and are as mind-blowing as they are impressive. It might seem like a tourist cliché to trek to the plateau, but seeing is believing and for once the reality far outstrips the hype. This site is one of Peru's most iconic places to visit, and worth the hike for those feeling brave.

Fall for Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Cafe restaurant in Buenos AiresSomehow far more than the sum of its parts, Buenos Aires is a city that is easy to love - from the bustling neighbourhood of Palermo to its accolade of museums. Simultaneously gracious, sultry, lively and cultured, the Argentinian capital is the pinnacle of Latin American urban buzz, brimming with things to do, with a cutting-edge food scene, a mesmerising setting and passionate porteños. 

When to go

Spanning such a large area of the globe and home to extraordinarily diverse geographical features, South America’s climate is a tricky one to sum up in a paragraph. The northern third is tropical, so temperatures are consistently hot and the choice of seasons is based more on the wet and dry seasons. The heaviest rainfall often falls in spring (October - November) and autumn (March - May). The central third is more temperate, with four distinct seasons and corresponding fluctuations of temperature. The southernmost third is largely taken up with Patagonia, where the best time to visit is the summer: December to February. High season for tourists right across the continent generally corresponds to summer, and this is also the period busiest with festivals and holidays. The shoulder seasons can be a wise choice, as you generally avoid the more extreme climate of mid-summer and midwinter.
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