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October update from our founders


TravelLocal Bake OffWith October marching on, and supermarkets feverishly pressing Christmas into the forefront of our minds, it’s hard to believe we haven’t even hit Halloween yet. Time is certainly flying at the office and our bake-off competition is really heating up (no pun intended). We have some new faces, new destinations and plenty of exciting developments to share with you all. So, as we prepare for the busiest time in the travel industry, here is the latest news from HQ.

Branching out with Bloggers: Iain Mallory

We have been working on our connections with the online blogging community – truly a lovely bunch. We were lucky enough to get to interviewAbi King Iain Mallory and Abi King, both keen travellers and dynamic writers. With their focus on sustainability and authenticity, they were ideal partners for the TravelLocal ethos. You can read the full interview, and find links to Iain and Abi’s blogs, here.

Meet Jon and Kati:

We are pleased to welcome two new members to the TravelLocal team! Jon has joined us as our new Web Developer and has lots of exciting ideas for improving the website and your experience. Kati is our Social Media and Content Executive and she’s been working hard to boost our blog and make our Facebook and Twitter pages more interesting! The office is getting fuller by the day (we’ve had to buy a bigger coffee pot) but it’s always great to get a fresh take on things.

As always, any feedback or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can email team@travellocal.com or call us on 01865242709

Happy Travels!

Tom and Huw

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