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More destinations to dream about



“Life is short..and opportunity fleeting”



TravelLocal is expanding – find out where we can take you next

Aix-en-Provence in France

There is never a bad time to add countries to the TravelLocal platform – it’s one of the most interesting and fun things we do. We start off with the countries that you mention to us, the places that have captured your imagination. Sometimes it’s as simple as saying “where don’t we cover that we really ought to?” 

Then the task becomes detective work – to find the best local travel companies in each country. This is the hard bit, but it’s also the start of a great relationship too, a professional but also personal bond with some of the best entrepreneurs you can meet. We learn from them all the time and they are the lifeblood of what we do.



St Agnes in Cornwall, England

Finally, after many years of waiting, we are now featuring England: “This precious stone set in a silver sea”. It might seem counter-intuitive that we waited so long – our name is TravelLocal, and we are based here after all. The global pandemic has spurred us on, of course. For some of you England is the only viable travel option, and you may be hankering after a new way to see it.

Walkers in Birdlip, England

To start with we are taking a more active posture here – self-guided or guided cycling and walking trips through Devon, Cornwall, the Cotswolds and the Lake District. In due course our offering will broaden further.

“Deepest England” awaits – get in touch with Will and his team based in Oxfordshire for your next trip.


Limeni Harbour in Greece

The definition of a “great” travel destination should be “a country where even the cliches are amazing” – and that’s Greece. Against the destruction wrought by time, the weather and money (mostly the lack of it) the country has preserved a staggering amount of heritage. Old tumbledown villages, restored with care and love; a Doric column older than Rome jutting out of a field overlooking the sea; or a Venetian harbour – in this great seafaring nation – that has barely changed in 600 years.

Vikos Gorge in Northern Greece

Typically only a few miles – and many decades – separate these star attractions from that other, quieter Greece. The country familiar to Kazantzakis, or Patrick Leigh Fermor. One region that really stands out is the Vikos Gorge, in the remote north of the mainland. If you crave the combination of peace, silence, beauty and purpose then hike here. It might be the most beautiful walk you ever take.

To see the real Greece you’re going to need the best local advice you can get, and that means Rebecca and her team based in Athens. Send an enquiry and we will connect you to her.


Lavender fields in Provence, France

In the next few months we are adding many more countries – France, Iceland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Canada, the USA, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the Maldives are on the near-term hitlist. We will update you as they go live on the website. 

As always, do get in touch with our Customer Experience team at our Bristol HQ – they will help you work out the best options for your trip. 

Two further things: don’t forget we offer flights too. And keep in mind our flexible booking policy, given the pandemic. You can see full details here.

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