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Food and drink holidays

Craving a foodie holiday? Don’t waste time trawling travel guides to find your fix, our local partners know all the best places for the tastiest authentic treats.

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Holidays for foodies

Tickle your taste buds with tostadas in Mexico; try everything with an Indian thali; or toast to your holiday at a French vineyard. Whichever food and drink holiday you go for, you’ll have plenty of energy for all that exploring.

11 days
from £2,550 pp

Ultimate taste of Thailand

Food & DrinkHighlightsOff the Beaten Path
14 days
from £1,730 pp

Spice Trails of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
JanuaryFebruaryMarch, +9
AdventureFood & DrinkWalking & Hiking
11 days
from £3,700 pp

Japan's Culinary Heritage (Group Tour)

MarchAprilMay, +6
Food & DrinkClassicCultural, +1
14 days
from £2,140 pp

Taste of India

NovemberDecemberFebruary, +1
Food & DrinkCulturalHistory
12 days
from £4,230 pp

Culture, Gastronomy & Nature: Paris, Lyon, Annecy & Chamonix

ClassicFood & DrinkHistory, +1
7 days
from £930 pp

Georgia's Foodie Highlights

MayJuneJuly, +3
Food & DrinkCulturalHistory
7 days
from £1,720 pp

A flavour of Italy: from Rome to Naples

Food & Drink
10 days
from £2,480 pp

Food and Wine: Lisbon, Porto & the Douro Valley

Food & DrinkCultural
8 days
from £1,040 pp

A Taste of Jordan

AprilMayOctober, +9
ClassicFood & DrinkWalking & Hiking

Top tip from our local partners

"If you're in Panama, I really recommend Ropa vieja (Shredded beef) and Tamal de Olla (Corn Casserole) "

Visit Panama


Food holiday inspiration

May 28, 2021

Twelve of the world's best foodie destinations

Martha Hales

We've gathered together our top 12 foodie destinations, and it's up to you whether you choose show-stopping sushi in Japan, fresh tacos in Mexico, the delicately spiced dishes of the Middle East or the fiery flavours of India and southeast Asia... A whole world of flavour is yours to discover.

MexicoIndiaJapan, +9
Food & Drink
Nov 4, 2016

Vietnamese Street Food: from Pho to Bun Cha

Martha Hales

Vietnam is a real foodie destination and the sheer variety of dishes on offer is enough to give anyone ordering anxiety! We examine the best of street food, where to get it and why it’s worth sampling...

FebruaryMarchApril, +3
Food & Drink
Oct 22, 2018

A new foodie destination: what to eat in Argentina

Kaya Brown

Argentina's food scene is as varied as its landscape and there is something for everyone's taste. We'll guide you through our top picks of what to eat whilst you're in the country, for the most authentic Argentine experience.

Food & DrinkCultural
Jul 6, 2021

Greek cuisine: Top dishes to try

Martha Hales

There’s much more to Greek food than fish and vegetables, here’s a quick introduction to some of the most mouth-watering dishes you should look out for during your dream holiday in Greece.

Food & Drink

Interesting facts about Vietnam

Vietnam is a fascinating country. But did you know any of our top three facts about it?

  1. Vietnam motorbike covered in bananasAccording to official figures, there are around 18 times as many motorbikes in Vietnam as there are cars.

  2. Vietnam is the second largest coffee exporter in the world after Brazil, and tops the list of cashew nut exporters globally.

  3. There are no less than 54 recognised ethnic minority groups living in Vietnam

Best things to do in Japan

There are many wonderful experiences to be had in this ancient country. For further inspiration take a look at the trip ideas put together by our trusted local experts, but in the meantime here are our top things to do in Japan.

Take in the historic highlights of Kyoto

For over a thousand years, until 1868 when Tokyo took over, Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan. The legacy of the long history of rule is a bewildering array of wonderful cultural landmarks, both tangible and intangible, sprinkled liberally around the city. On the face of it Kyoto seems to be the definition of a modern, urban city, with plenty of glittering skyscrapers and busy highways to negotiate, but in amongst all the trappings of modern city life are enchanting temples, serene gardens and impressive palaces.

Zen garden of Kennin-ji temple, KyotoAs you get to know the highly refined heritage of Kyoto and come to understand how this city became the beating heart of Japanese culture, the city takes on a new gleam of beauty embodied by the elegant maiko and geisha, the calming tea houses, and the old wooden buildings in the most historic districts. Some of the best experiences in Kyoto are sensual, such as glimpsing a perfect pagoda through a haze of cherry blossom in a secluded garden, listening to the classic sound of wooden soles on cobbles, marvelling at the colours of a maiko’s silks, or enjoying some of Japan’s most elaborate cuisine.

Geisha walking down a Kyoto streetSome of the finest things to do in Kyoto involve nature, albeit highly ornamental nature. The zen gardens of Daitoku-ji and Ryōan-ji are simply gorgeous, while the moss gardens of Saihō-ji are a velvety delight. Head east of the centre to the Higashiyama neighbourhood, where many of Kyoto’s attractions and heavyweight cultural sites are located. Many people wonder what to see in Kyoto, and of course you must take in some of the finest temples and palaces in the nation while you are there, but one of the most delightful places to visit in Kyoto requires only the skills of wandering with wonder, and perhaps some yen for souvenir shopping... Gion. It is the area of the city that has retained its Edo period glory, and it is wonderfully atmospheric and possibly one of the most beautiful places in Japan.

Eat your way around the cities and towns

SushimiJapan is famous for its food, with sushi restaurants and ramen bars found all over the globe. Tokyo has the most Michelin-starred restaurants of any city in the world, with a total of 230 restaurants laying claim to the accolade and Kyoto also has a staggering 138 stars shared between its restaurants. Each region specialises in a different dish, so make sure you research what you should be eating where to make the most of your voyages.

Explore the frenetic capital, Tokyo

Tokyo, JapanOf all the myriad things to do in Japan, Tokyo has to come somewhere near the top of the list. What seems at first like an unknowable, vast, crowded and hyperactive nightmare of epic proportions soon redefines itself as a collection of individual villages and neighbourhoods, each with their own distinct mood and purpose. This overwhelming conglomeration of high rises, neon signs, and transport connections is the world’s largest city, but despite being densely packed and at times frenetic, Tokyo is a city that ticks along in a brisk and efficient manner. Transport is impressively punctual and omnipresent, people are courteous and respectful, streets are orderly and every aspect of city life has been thought through. Throughout Tokyo, quirky culture and uber-modernity notwithstanding, a powerful sense of history and tradition pervades it all. The best way to approach Tokyo is just to take a deep breath, dive right in and enjoy the energy.  

Imperial Palace, Tokyo, JapanFor a gentle introduction to the city, Asakusa is a characterful district with some charming streets and the Buddhist hub of Senso-ji, the most revered temple in Tokyo. Lose yourself in tranquil gardens, inhale the aroma of incense at one of numerous shrines, or potter around the delightful shops. Another of the interesting places to visit in Tokyo is the Imperial Palace, still home to the Emperor, which sits in the fabulous parkland on the site of the old Edo castle. Two of the top things to do in Tokyo for museum fans are the Edo Museum of Tokyo and the Tokyo National Museum, which showcase the fascinating city history and the nation’s finest art collection respectively. The districts of Shiboya, Harajuku and Akihabara are the best districts for dipping into the city’s world renowned pop culture, one of the classic things to see in Tokyo.

Lace on your walking boots to hike the Nakasendo Trail

Nakasendo trail japanIf you are interested in getting to know Japan at a local level, the Nakasendo Trail is a perfect place to start. Nakasendo means ‘Middle Mountain Road’, and is an ancient route linking the two most powerful cities at the time of the Shoguns, the political capital of Tokyo and the imperial capital of Kyoto. It was mainly used as a transit route by merchants, feudal lords and samurai, and towns and villages along its length were used as staging posts for weary travellers. Today, the central stretch of the Nakasendo Trail which winds through the Kiso valley is one of the most delightful hikes in Japan, taking in historic villages of wooden houses and quaint lanes. The walk can be divided into sections of varying length to suit you, and it takes in a range of terrain from shady wooded paths, meadows or busy village streets.

Street through Tsumago on the Nakasendo Trail, JapanIf you are not keen on walking, it’s equally possible to visit the Kiso valley by vehicle. The Nakasendo Trail is a wonderful way to get close to nature in a rural setting, and to understand more about the culture and history of the region. Magome, Tsumago and Narai are three of the traditional post towns on the route, and they are very picturesque with old stone and timber buildings, peaceful lanes and lovely rustic corners all around. There are plenty of refreshment opportunities like teahouses along the route, mainly in the villages but some on the path itself, and also lots of very characterful inns where you can enjoy the warm hospitality of the local people who are generous hosts - they have been welcoming travellers for generations, after all...

Explore 'The City of Water', Hiroshima

Carp Castle, Hiroshima, JapanHiroshima is a vibrant destination which gets its name from the six rivers that weave through the urban landscape. Landmark sights in the modern city include the ‘Carp Castle,’ a tapering tower of elegant proportions which stands among greenery surrounded by a moat filled with carp. The Shukkeien Garden is another scenic and serene place to while away a few hours admiring the beautiful planting and calming water features crisscrossed with pretty bridges. Four kilometres north of the city centre, Fudoin Temple is a national treasure, a well preserved example of a 15th century temple that miraculously survived the atomic blast of 1945. The wooden construction remains as it has been for many centuries, although some repairs to the roof were required.

Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima, JapanOne of the most prominent and profound sights in Hiroshima is the Atomic Bomb Dome, once a grand riverside building ruined in the 1945 nuclear explosion, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site which stands as testament to the importance of peace and unity. The Peace memorial park and museum were similarly conceived as a potent reminder to all comers of the futility and inhumanity of atomic weapons, and as a tribute to the resilience of the city of Hiroshima. Just to the east of the Peace Park and Museum are lively covered shopping arcades or ‘shotengai.’ Don’t miss the chance to sample some Okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes) here, as they are legendarily good. There are 2 main styles of Okonomiyaki - Osaka style, where all the ingredients are mixed and cooked as a composite whole, and Hiroshima where it is more layered. Both are delicious!

Miyajima, JapanJust offshore from Hiroshima city and easily reached by a ten minute ferry ride is the island of Itsukushima, popularly known as Miyajima, a delightfully picturesque island retaining the charm of yesteryear and home to one of Japan’s most photogenic and atmospheric shrines. When the tide is right, the UNESCO listed shrine and the iconic red Ō-torii Gate appear to be floating on the water. The island is also scenically spectacular with a mountainous interior, an appealing village hub and lots of small deer roaming free all over. Add beaches and woodland hikes to the equation and it’s understandable that this is one of the most popular day trip destinations in the land. Spend a night here to experience the ambience without the crowds. Other than the famous shrine, visitors enjoy taking the cable car up Mount Misen, or hiking up if they feel adventurous. Don’t leave before you’ve tried some local seafood: Oysters are the speciality here, and as you cross over on the ferry from Miyajimaguchi, you’ll see the oyster cages along this inland sea setting.

Revel in the abundance of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Nikko, JapanNikko, Nara, and Miyajima come highly recommended and are three of the most culturally fascinating places to go in Japan. The Toshogu Shrine complex at Nikko lies within easy reach of Tokyo, and despite being one of the most popular things to do in Japan, it is a self contained world of delicate Japanese artistry and devotion. Once you have experienced the wonderful atmosphere of the shrines, head out for a hike in the surrounding countryside. Japan is a country of mountains, and one of the most unusual things to see in Japan can be found at Yudanaka, where snow monkeys visit hot springs year round.

Takayama If you are wondering where to go in Japan for some picturesque attractions, consider Matsumoto - famous for its ‘crow castle’; Takayama - a regional town in the Japanese alps with preserved architecture and buildings that provide insights into traditional Japan; Shirakawago - a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its ‘praying hands’ thatched roof houses; and Kanazawa - a bustling city near the sea of Japan with preserved samurai and geisha districts, a famous stroll-style garden, a bustling market, and museums for those who enjoy both traditional and modern art. More of Japan’s fascinating sites can be reached by heading west, for example to the UNESCO World Heritage recognised Himeji Castle, which has recently re-emerged from scaffolding after years of preservation works. Continuing westward, Kurashiki charms with its willow lined canals, Naoshima is known for its modern art galleries and installations, and Shikoku takes you off the beaten path.

Daimon Gate at Mount Koya, JapanFor unique spiritual insights, a stay at Mount Koya, a mountainous monastery complex where accommodation is in the pilgrims’ lodgings of Buddhist temples is a must. Here you dine on Buddhist vegetarian cuisine and attend the temple’s prayer service. Ask the expert team in Japan, a local operator handpicked by us, to help you narrow down your list of priorities and plan how best to organise your Japan trip to get the most out of your time.

What to read before you go to Argentina

If you're looking for something to get you in the mood before you set off on your travels to Argentina, we've gathered a list of our favourite books to inspire you.

'In Patagonia' by Bruce Chatwin

Gaucho penning cattle in ArgentinaRenowned British travel writer Bruce Chatwin explores seventies Patagonia through a series of short anecdotes and historical insights – a true classic which shot Chatwin to fame. 

'The Tango Singer' by Tomás Eloy Martínez

Written by one of Argentina’s most celebrated journalists and authors, this fictional novel charts the story of a New York student in search of an elusive tango singer. The book is at once a homage to the writer Borges, and a glimpse into Buenos Aires’ scintillating tango scene. 

'Hard Times in Buenos Aires' by Miranda France

A fun and accessible portrait of Buenos Aires in the troubled nineties. Written by a British foreign correspondent it captures life in the city with all its quirks and flaws intact.  

Best things to do in France

There are thousands of fantastic experiences to be had in this historic European gem of a country. Here are just a few of the things that are well known to be the best things to do in France (though our local partners are full of exciting ideas so don't forget to ask them!)

"Paris is always a good idea"

France holidays: Eiffel towerSynonymous with glamour and gastronomy, Paris lives up to its reputation as the most stylish European capital. A heady mix of history, art and engaging street life ensures that your time in Paris is jam packed with culture. Each neighbourhood has its own distinct character, best sampled when you tour the markets, museums and eateries - the inside knowledge of our local experts will ensure you get the most from your Parisian experience.

The Loire: Valley of Kings

France holidays: Loire Valley Chateau de ChenonceauThe broad and beautiful river Loire threads westwards through central France, passing lively towns, a clutch of elegant chateaux and swathes of fertile land renowned for the production of stone fruit, fine wines and delicious goat's cheese. It's easy to see why medieval royalty chose this region for their leisure pursuits, and thanks to them there is a palpable sense of history and regal grandeur.

Explore the Côte d'Azur 

France holidays: View over NiceThe famous southern French light so beloved of artists is at its fabulous best when glittering off the surface of the Mediterranean Sea. The glitzy resorts of the French Riviera are home to elegant boutiques, great restaurants and pretty harbours bustling with sleek boats. Inland, feast your senses on the colours and scents of the landscape, the stunning hill villages and the eclectic artistic heritage of this enchanting corner of the Mediterranean.

Indulge in gastronomic delights

France holidays: Moules marinièreNo trip to France is complete without delving headlong into its culinary delights. Whichever region you choose for your French adventure, you are sure to find delectable local specialities served with pride and passion. The cuisine of France is fiercely regional and hugely varied, from the rich dishes of the Dordogne, Loire and Alps to the vegetable-rich food of the south and the seafood of the northwest.

Find paradise in Provence

France holidays: lavender fields provenceThe air in Provence is scented with the unique mix of aromatic plants that thrive here under the warm southern sun. This is largely a rural region with areas of wild upland punctuated by the picturesque towns and villages that Provence is famous for. Historic cities such as Avignon, Arles and Aix captivate visitors with their effortless blend of buzzing squares and historic buildings, some of which date back to Roman times.

Charming Dordogne

France holidays: Beynac-et-CazenacExquisite stone villages huddle above the riverbank like something out of a fairytale, and the rugged landscape creates a stunning backdrop for castles and fortified hill towns. Browse the markets in venerable old towns such as Sarlat, stalls groaning with the abundant local produce. Pull up a chair at a traditional bistro to sample some of the richest cuisine in France, then head for a tour of some of the most photogenic villages in the country or venture underground to see the incredible cave art of Lascaux.

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"Intense, delightful & delicious!"

Jenny (USA) in Japan

"A wonderful holiday in Sri Lanka, friendly people, great food and stunning scenery"

Sara (UK) in Sri Lanka

"A lamb feast on a ranch outside El Calafate was one of our most memorable experiences"

Alexandra (UK) in Argentina

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