About us

To be able to travel and see the world is an incredible privilege. We want your travels to make a difference to everyone - to be an opportunity to share experiences and broaden your view of the world. If done in the right way, travel can also benefit local communities in every corner of the globe.

Below are five principles of how to “TravelLocal”. Help us to change travel for the better.

  1. Get real

    Discover local secrets, explore real places away from the tourist trail, eat local food, experience how local people really live.

  2. Step out of the car

    Cars are clogging up the world and put a pane of glass between us and reality. They do come in handy but we don’t need them all the time. We're huge fans of walking tours, boats, trains and public transport.

  3. Make a connection

    Every trip should include making a local friend or two, people who connect you with your destination and who enable you to see it as they do.

  4. Keep on learning

    If you learn something new, your trip will be even more worthwhile and memorable. Maybe try picking up some of the local language, learn to cook the local cuisine or understand the history and culture of where you are visiting.

  5. Buy local - including your holiday!

    Big and faceless tour companies have had their time - let’s turn tailor-made travel on its head. When creating and booking your holiday, do so with locals in your destination - they know their countries better than anyone else and are passionate about showing them to you.