About us

TravelLocal is all about bespoke travel - with a difference

We help you to create holidays your way, with carefully selected local experts in your destination. Since 2012 we have scoured the globe to find these expert companies - entrepreneurs and innovators from Argentina to Zanzibar and anywhere in between. They know where you’re going better than anyone. These experts craft unforgettable trips, unique to you, combining your ideas with their local knowledge and contacts, to bring the world to life. So you get a better, more authentic holiday experience and they get a fairer deal. And for peace of mind, we are members of ABTA and your booking is 100% financially protected.

Here’s how we created it, and why

TravelLocal started life as a question that Tom wrote down while chatting to a customer at a big, faceless tour operator:

“If you want to go to India or Tanzania or Peru - why would you speak to someone in the UK, or a travel agent near where you happen to live?”

It’s a simple question, with a simple answer... currently the travel industry makes it hard for you to plan your adventures any other way. TravelLocal changes this.

Tom realised that with the internet there was an obvious way to bring together travellers and local travel experts from around the world.

At the same time Huw was working 6000 miles away in Asia, for a small and brilliant Cambodian travel company. Looked at from Cambodia, and in fact from most destinations, tourism doesn’t benefit local people as much as it should. Many visitors could also see that clearly and wanted to go direct - but didn’t know how to do so safely and easily. Perhaps there was a way for holidays to benefit both the traveller and the destination more than they currently did?

We stitched the two ideas together and, in 2012, TravelLocal was born. We want to change our industry from within - in fact we’d like to turn it completely on its head. Help us to bring the ‘buy local’ and fair trade movements to travel, one trip at a time!